Monday, June 29, 2009


To make the students aware of concepts of E-business models, performance metrics, and its role in strategic planning. of an organization
To create awareness in the mind of students relating to technological, legal, ethical, global. E- business environment in the emerging economies
Unit I (10 hrs)
Introduction to E- business -E-Business frameworks - Convergence –Effects of convergence - E-Biz development E- strategy value chain – E- enabling –Basic steps in E-business projects Integrating E- biz processes .E- business design – overview – steps – evaluation and selection of e- business design – design refinement -e- business Market places – evolution market place models –Strategies e- value chain – benefits and trends .

Unit II (10 hrs)
Introduction to E- business Infrastructure – e- biz architecture - application services for E-Business technologies – data communication fundamentals –Data transmission media – E- business enabling technology

Unit III (10 hrs)
Introduction to E- operations – E- procurement – E- auctions – e-shops – operating resource procurement - problems and guidelines to integration – elements of sell side and buy side solutions – implementing e- procurements and best practices .E-supply chain
E-revolution in marketing .-

Unit IV (10 hrs)
E-banking – concept – strategies – transactions – key issues and future. E- governance overview –global scenario- Mobile business –an overview. E- business Applications –Conventional payment process –Electronic payment system – e- business applications in various businesses

Unit V (10 hrs)
Need for E-security -Specific intruder approaches -Security tools-Encryption – other issues in E-business –Future of e- business – trends and integrated business applications .

Text Books

1. A book on E-commerce – an Indian perspective by P.T. Joseph .S.J. –
PHI publication – third edition

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